Keyboard Access Check Page

These are just the most basic elements coded in the most basic accessible way, so that folks can double check their configuration before testing screens for keyboard access.

Items you can use with just Tab, Shift Tab, Space and Enter

In Safari, tab and shift tab will work if you hold down the Option key. To make Safari work like Firefox or IE, go to Preferences > Advanced > Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage.


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Items that also Require the Arrow Keys

Where are you from?

Select Menus with OnChange

When an ordinary select menu, like the one below, does an action immediately when it is changed, it can be a problem for keyboard users. It is only a problem if the action that takes place moves the user away from the menu. And, browsers have been improving this situation. Alt or Option down arrow opens the menu so that you can see the options all at once and it allows users to move through the items with the keyboard without triggering the action that happens when you select an item.

In my recent (October 2014) testing of simple menus like this one, only Internet Explorer and Chrome on Windows required alt down arrow to avoid trigging the action.

Chrome and Safari on the Mac automatically open the menus anyway. And FireFox does not trigger the action until you leave the menu anyway.

Form field with a title

So that we can use this to be sure of how our browsers are revealing title attributes as well, here is a text field with a title attribute.